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MVP Internship Program

Harmony Venture Labs’ MVP Internship Program

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Join the MVP team to be part of a once-in-a-career internship opportunity!

Harmony Venture Labs’ MVP internship program creates an ecosystem of growth through learning, hands-on experience, and intentional mentorship from some of the industry’s leading tech professionals. 

Our team is passionate about what they do and is dedicated to cultivating and elevating the next generation of tech superstars. You’ll experience collaboration with product designers and managers, engineers, operators, strategists, and marketing and sales professionals who are committed to providing you a best-in-class internship experience.

“Our goal is for our interns to walk away having the tools and support for the next step of their career journey.  I’m excited to foster an alumni of interns who have learned, grown, and expanded their networks through this program.” 

- Shegun Otulana, Founder, Harmony  Venture Labs

Journey through all areas of our business to expand your mind, sharpen your skills, and spark creativity.

Ignite Your Talent

Work alongside our team on key initiatives that make a real impact on you, our company, and our community.

Make an Impact

Broaden your support network by joining an exclusive alumni of MVP interns.

Grow Your Network

The MVP of Internships Is Within Your Reach

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of tech startups

Harmony Venture Labs’ MVP internship program is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting world of tech startups. Our real-world curriculum, shadowing sessions, and mentorship opportunities provide a comprehensive experience and equip you with the knowledge, network, and support to propel you into the next chapter of your career.