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We are a team of innovators, designers, marketers and operators – with a passion for launching and developing high-growth startups.

Harmony Venture Labs (HVL) is a venture studio led by a team of experienced founders and experts who launch startups, grow our portfolio of brands and support SaaS entrepreneurs. Through strategy, marketing, design and product guidance, we help our companies navigate their journey to faster, sustainable growth. 

We believe that new venture creation is a powerful vehicle to deliver value to our communities. By generating new solutions and supporting entrepreneurs, we can foster an ecosystem of empowerment and economic opportunity.

Our Companies

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Bring an idea to life with AppThink

AppThink is a cohort-based learning platform designed to guide first-time and non-technical founders through the early stages of turning an idea into a minimum viable product. We deliver a blended learning environment and online sessions, facilitating virtual connections with our experts and a community of other cohort members.  

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Transaction management software for real estate agents

ListedKit is a project management and collaboration tool built for residential real estate agents to manage their client experience from contract to close. Launched in 2022, ListedKit was developed and supported by the team at Harmony Venture Labs.

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The complete solution for managing your coworking space

CoWello is a coworking software that helps brands automate their shared space and inventory with smart booking, automated payments, and inventory management.

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The AI copywriting platform built for eCommerce teams & agencies

Copysmith supports eCommerce and Marketing teams to generate, collaborate and launch quality content that converts at warp speed.

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Capture the voice of your customers

TrustSpot helps brands capture their customers’ voices through visual marketing. Their business review and reputation management platform allows companies to automatically gather quality, 100% verified buyer reviews for their business.

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Turn contacts into buyers

Funnelfly helps companies grow fast through effective outreach. Easily capture email and phone numbers, and communicate by email, text, and calls.