At HVL, we believe in the power of building great communities. We exist to positively impact local and digital communities by building startups and supporting founders.


Growing and engaging digital communities is part of our daily work at HVL, but there’s no substitute for the hard work of in-person community building in our own backyard.

We are proud to be part of the emerging startup scene in Birmingham, AL, where we serve as advisors, mentors, collaborators, or partners with organizations like Alabama Launchpad, Bronze Valley Accelerator, Prosper Birmingham and others. We established our team at Birmingham’s startup hub, Innovation Depot, and are planting our headquarter roots on historic Morris Avenue at the end of 2022.


The digital world offers unlimited potential for community building.

We work hard to build products that add value to real people, many of whom we don’t know yet and who find out about one of our companies simply by searching for a digital solution to their daily challenges. We understand the power technology has to reverberate positive change locally, regionally, and all over the world. We are always searching for the next big idea with the potential for a global reach beyond Birmingham.

Get involved

Whether you are interested in joining our team, want to lead one of our companies through our EIR program, or would like to be engaged as part of our own growing digital community of HVL Insiders, we’d love to hear from you.