Growth Formula Guide Preview on iPad

The Growth Formula Guide

A framework to identify Product-Market Fit by leveraging sentiment analysis in customer satisfaction surveys

This guide will help you…
Identify your best customer segments
Convert on-the-fence customers to paying customers
Optimize your activation sequence”

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Customer Product Market Fir Survey Template


Unleash Growth Potential With Customer Satisfaction Surveys

This guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you create, deploy, and analyze effective customer feedback surveys. Discover how to enhance customer experiences and pinpoint your ideal target audience.

How can you use this guide?

Illustration of Product Marketer

product marketers

Uncover hidden opportunities 

Identify patterns, preferences, and trends within your customer base that can inform strategic decisions and drive growth.

Illustration of Product Marketer

growth marketers

Identify high-quality leads and reduce churn

Segment your user base and identify high-value segments that have the greatest potential for revenue generation.

Illustration of Product Marketer

growth teams

Work together to shape your PLG strategy

Explore the power of customer satisfaction surveys and develop a customer-centric growth strategy.

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